February 8, 2017


A small sample of our past work:



A custom brass stamp for ice balls. This was designed and manufactured by us for a local brewery.

A run of motorcycle handlebar risers. These were anodized black and are now available at Lowlife Speedworks in Deland!

Black anodized aluminum parts, with extremely small features. 

7075 aircraft aluminum brake caliper adapters for a Cadillac CTS-V, allowing for the use of larger high performance brakes suitable for racing.

Custom brass fitting

Hubs for a tandem recumbent tricycle

A production run of Bullet Bill bottle openers

Robot parts all packed up and ready for shipping!

A disc for a 3lb combat robot. We often build parts for battlebots of all sizes, both for others and for our own robots! You can sometimes find us at local competitions fighting everything from 1lb robots all the way up to heavyweights in our free time. 

Some robot parts machined and prepared for anodizing


A 4140 steel part

Machining a 4140 steel part at an angle

A set of 4140 steel prototype parts

A36 Steel

An aluminum riser for the optimatrays.com battery trays!

Sample part for the 2017 Autodesk Fusion 360 CAM Challenge

Custom stainless steel burner nozzles. These have very small holes drilled more than 15 time their diameter deep!

Anodized robot parts