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We have multiple 3D Printers available at our shop for your on-demand 3D Printing needs! We handle all jobs, big or small. Whether you are a maker, an artist, an engineer, an entrepreneur, or a large company, our 3d printing service can cater to your needs. In the past we have printed small and large one-off objects as well as larger runs of parts requiring over 300 pieces per week.

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Our printers can print in a variety of different materials. Be sure to specify if you have a preference when you order. If you do not, we will use our best judgement based upon the object in question and other known information about the project. Almost all materials come in a variety of colors, and we stock the whole rainbow and then some!

  • ABS
    • Strong engineering plastic with some degree of flexibility. Highest temperature tolerance and strength, but prone to warping and dimensional inaccuracy due to high shrinking when cooling (1-3%). Difficult to print large objects with. Dissolves in Acetone.
  • PLA
    • Very hard plastic with vibrant colors and a high-gloss finish. More dimensionally stable and much stiffer than ABS, but more brittle. Melts/deforms at a lower temperature than ABS. Easy to print with, preferred for large objects. Not dissolvable without hazardous chemicals.
  • HIPS
    • As strong as ABS but with less shrinking. Often used as support material for ABS, but can be used as a primary building material. Melts at similar temperatures to ABS. Dissolvable in D-Limonene
    • PET Plastic, similar to plastic found in water bottles. Very strong, extremely transparent, variety of colors available. Has low shrinkage, but is relatively difficult to print with. Very expensive; 2-4x cost of conventional materials.
  • Specialty Materials (Upon request)
    • Carbon-Fiber (PLA-Based)
      • Impact Resistant
    • Stainless Steel (PLA-Based)
      • Can be polished
    • Iron (PLA-Based)
      • Can be rusted, magnetized
    • Wood (PLA-Based)
      • Feels like real wood! Can be sanded, stained.
    • Nylon
      • Extremely strong and flexible.
    • Polycarbonate
      • Extremely strong and stiff, but expensive and requires high temperatures to print with.
    • PVA
      • Water Soluble


Z-Axis: 50 to 200 microns, depending on quality preference

X/Y Axes: Less than 50 microns

Maximum Size:

Length/Width axes: 450mmx450mm

Height Axis: 350mm

Please ensure that your part will fit inside a 450mmx450mmx350mm box. If it does, great! We can print it no problem. If it doesn’t, consider modifying your design, splitting it into smaller parts, or contacting us for other suggestions.


We always do our best to print the file you supply exactly as-is, however there are sometimes certain design features which prevent us from being able to print it adequately. We have some fancy tricks we can use if we need to, but I would recommend reading this guide from MAKE Magazine to ensure your file has the best chance of printing properly. When in doubt, run it through a model repair service or ask us to take a look at it and let you know if there will be any problems.

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