September 10, 2015

Design and Engineering

We offer a full range of design services, including  precise CAD modeling for engineering applications and mesh-based modeling for organic shapes in artistic applications.

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What Programs Do We Use?

We use Autodesk Fusion 360 as our primary CAD/CAM program. We can model everything from organic solids to complex mechanical assemblies, and export to a number of standard CAD formats to be used for product presentations and manufacturing using our services or other processes.


How will the product be delivered?

When your project is complete, the files can optionally be manufactured using our the appropriate equipment for the project and then the resulting parts shipped to you or picked up in person

Whether we make your project or not, we will also supply you with a copy of the file in .stl format for 3d printing/ DXF for laser and CNC, and source files in .iges, and .step formats (Others upon request).

How To Get Started?

Contact us to help make your project a reality!